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Weird Game Mods To Try

A long-standing PC tradition is game modding. The best mods can give a game fresh life by, for example, improving the graphics years after its release or resolving issues that the makers never got around to correcting. They occasionally even include complete campaigns or unique game modes. See how ARMA II was entirely redesigned by DayZ’s zombies and post-apocalyptic survival, or the first Dota mod for Warcraft III.

Then there are the odd mods, the ones that make you wonder who could have possibly created them. What sort of individual comes up with these stuff? mods. The bizarre, fantastical content that was created expressly to astound you. What do the Kool-Aid Man, Flappy Bird, and Randy Savage all have in common? Find out by reading on.

IV Flappy (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Following modified Subway Surfers apk Flappy Bird, developers produced roughly a billion games that altered the original idea in some way. Everything you could imagine—even ones that the typical person would never, ever have thought of—was there, like Flappy Bert, Maverick Bird, and Floculus Bird.

With this horrifying Grand Theft Auto IV mod, your character is transformed into a hideous bird-headed Icarus who desperately claws at the sky above Liberty City before falling to the ground and kicking bystanders in the face. It really is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Destructive Blub (Octodad)

Even if Octodad’s blub language is incomprehensible to ordinary humans, you can still tell how distressed he is as he swings around on this powerful wrecking ball by the sound of his voice. Yes, someone remade the “Wrecking Ball” video by Miley Cyrus in Octodad. Yes, it is both foolish and magnificent.

Mr. Kool-Aid (Left 4 Dead 2)

The “tank” in Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie that hits automobiles, throws concrete, and breaches barriers.

The Kool-Aid Man, the best friend of the drywall repairman, stands in for the tank in this mod. When the wall collapses and the Kool-Aid Man emerges, screaming “OH YEAH,” while smacking you in the face, try to remain calm. My worst nightmare as an eight-year-old comes true.

Mr. Savage (Skyrim)

This brilliant mod replaces Alduin, the most terrifying dragon in history and another mod that will haunt your dreams with yells of “OH YEAH!” with…Macho Man Randy Savage. The Macho Man is on his way.

Oh, yes, definitely. This mod is really ridiculous and awesome.

The Tank Engine Thomas (Skyrim)

In the distance, a happy whistle chirps. One person inquires, “What was that?” Until it’s too late, he is disregarded. A tower nearby is struck by a huge locomotive. The locals stare up in dread. One individual yells, “Guards!” and dashes for the nearest cover. It’s past due: Flying in the air, Thomas the Tank Engine shoots fire in all directions. A loud toot.

And you thought Randy Savage in Skyrim was strange. What atrocities has man created?

Access Life (Arma III)

A military shooter is Arma III. a challenging military shooter with roughly 6,000 keyboard shortcuts to remember.

Alternately, you might play Altis Life, an RPG-style user-created mode for Arma III. You can play as a police officer or a regular person. Laws are enforced by police. Civilians strive to support themselves by putting in a decent day’s work. If not, ordinary people sell drugs. Or just irritate the police.

Instead of being a serious game, Altis Life is a shelter for newly emerging lunacy. People singing while they shoot you in the face, pretend terrorists, avatar suicide threats, and traffic rule observance are all commonplace in Altis Life.

Multiplayer in Just Cause 2

Currently a semi-official feature, Merely Cause 2 Multiplayer was initially just a mod.

Hundreds of people rushing about the island of Panau at once, creating jets out of thin air, blowing each other apart, and then returning to the action seconds later would be chaotic if you played Just Cause 2 alone. On one server, you can even construct buildings using in-game resources in the manner of Minecraft.

The good news? Just Cause 2 Multiplayer is already available to Just Cause 2 owners. Examine the Steam library. Additionally, if you don’t own Just Cause 2, we are no longer pals.

Woody (Grand Theft Auto IV)

The worst aspect of this modification is Woody’s lifeless eyes. Or perhaps it’s the way his hat rests on his head at such a spry tilt. Or perhaps it’s that smirk a serial murderer wears as he gleefully kills helpless bystanders with his absurdly large hands.

How will you proceed? Why not dial 911? Woody is the dreadful sheriff.

Teletubby zombies (Left 4 Dead 2)

I thought the Teletubbies were always creepy. Can we agree to that?

Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po have been added to Left 4 Dead 2 in place of all commonly found diseased zombies, which possibly makes the game scarier than it already was. Just take a look at those items. Describe them. And why does my apartment’s temperature drop by ten degrees whenever they laugh?

Recursion in Racing (Morrowind)

Cliff racers, which look little more than a vulture and a bat crossed, are by far the worst element of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, as everyone who has played it can attest. Cliff racers are awful, from their annoying squawking to their seeming invulnerability at early levels to their capacity to pursue you across entire continents.

Naturally, someone then created a mod that makes two additional cliff racers sprout every time one is killed. Some individuals desire to see the planet burn.

The Sky could (Doom)

The Sky May Be was intended to be strange. It is successful. In the screenshot, what is that Windows dialog box? That is a feature of the game, not some strange error notice. Additionally, you are crushed by the roof when you press Cancel. In other areas of the game, Legoland resembles an acid trip.

“Odd” is hardly adequate. If you want to get any notion of what this game is like, I’d suggest viewing the video.

Skyrim Super Bros.

Whether it was the movie, the sort of live-action TV program, or this Skyrim version, every attempt to make Mario “more realistic” has persuaded me of one thing: Realistic Mario is a psychopath. a homicidal psychopath on the rampage. When he is not in his usual cartoonish surroundings, it is somehow more difficult to ignore his xenophobic impulses.

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