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The Best Whiteboard Markers


When using a whiteboard marker, the ink should last long enough to serve its goal but in addition easily erase. For brainstorming and scuff notes, we advise dried out eliminate markers. These markers are solvent-based and definately will wipe off without water. For signage and long-term tasks, use moist remove markers.

A wet erase marker includes a semi-long lasting paste that will require drinking water for removing. Rubbing alcoholic beverages and home products will remove much more obstinate moist remove marks which are left on for a long period.

Tip Material

Tip material affects feedback, idea long life, and line accuracy. Whiteboard markers normally have “felt” suggestions created from materials like nylon or polyester. Two types of felt-tip markers really exist. The first is a densely packed dietary fiber located in a plastic-type or steel funnel. These pointers maintain their shape longer and produce consistent outlines.

Nevertheless, users may go through much more feedback with them simply because they really feel harder and produce much more friction on a whiteboard area. Another sort of experienced tip is made from a spongy, loosely stuffed fiber, which lends the suggestion versatility. Whilst easier to write with, these fray over time.

Suggestion Form & Dimensions

Chisel or clean tips generate much more different strokes although curved bullet tips create much less different strokes. The latter, nevertheless, are easier to manage. Idea size is also important. Slender tips allow for more detail but people who compose together may experience more feedback. In contrast, broad suggestions produce much less details but are softer to publish with.

Marker Body & Components

A whiteboard marker’s composition can impact its efficiency. Polypropylene plastic (PP) supplies the most toughness and impact opposition. Caps and pen bodies manufactured from PP won’t split easily and tend to remain tightly closed to guarantee the long life of a whiteboard marker. The inner design of a board marker could also effect how much time it will last.

For example, the Pilot Board Grasp Whiteboard Marker is actually a refillable marker with special ink shipping technology that makes it steady. Take into account the sturdiness or replaceability in the idea in the event you choose refillable whiteboard markers, which need to keep going longer.

Drying Out

The woe of several a whiteboard marker consumer is the fact that best dry erase markers dry up quickly. To increase their long life, shop whiteboard markers horizontally. Long-term straight placing using the tip pointing upwards triggers the pigment to precipitate from the answer, departing the idea with decreased shade. Should this happen to you, do not worry there are ways to bring back deceased markers. One of many ways is to temporarily store the marker with the tip dealing with downwards so that the printer saturates the tip. You can even use pliers to totally remove the idea and turn it towards the “juicier” side.


For those sensitive to solid odors or perhaps in shut locations with a lot of individuals, use reduced-odour markers. Some of the most low-odor markers are the Zebra Mackee Double-Sided Wet Remove Markers and also the Staedtler Lumocolor. Most whiteboard markers are alcoholic beverages-centered, therefore they will emit some type of smell. We propose trying to keep your operating region well-ventilated.


Another consideration when choosing whiteboard markers is pigmentation. Should you often give presentations or educate courses, you know how crucial it is for folks to be able to see whatever you write around the board. On the other hand, if intensive colours are hard on your eye, you could prefer lighter tones.

Creating Surface area

Differences in surface area consistency have an effect on staining and erasability. Dry erase markers work best on clean, nonporous areas. Porcelain-on-metal whiteboards are the most useful to make use of because they are sleek as well as simple to clean up. Less expensive alternatives include powder-covered metal, colored metal or aluminum, and glass. Wet erase markers work best on laminated surfaces, though they will likely create on and erase from your sleek, nonporous surface area.