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10 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Know

There’s no doubt that hairstylists love their customers. However, they want everyone to know that there are a certain number of things that they wish their clients knew and understand about their job.

Lack of communication if one of the most common issues between hair stylists and customers. When there’s proper communication, then there’s a high possibility that all hair services can go smoother and have more decent results.

Oftentimes, client blames their hairstylists when something goes sideways or if they do not like the resulting style. And while some issues are indeed caused by the hairstylist, most of the time, it is the customer at fault and the lack of communication is another factor.

In order to avoid such issues, continue reading and find out the 9 things that your hairstylists want you to know.


Whether you admit it or not, there are certain times when you do not totally trust your hairstylist even if have been working with them for months or even years. Sometimes, most customers tend to forget that hairstylists are professionals that can style different hair textures and lengths.

Whether he is a kid’s hairstylist or a facial hairstylist, keep in mind that all hairstylists are managing precious locks all day long and that you need to treat them the right way.

Realistic Expectations

Most people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to styling their hair.

Hairstylists know that there’s something you want, however, you need to know if you can pull off that style. Keep in mind that the hair texture of that model you see in the mall is very different from yours.

So, if the style seems good on the picture, it does not necessarily mean that it will look the same on you. Everybody has different skin tones and face shapes.

The problem is that most people, do not realize this and demand the styles that shouldn’t be. So many customers even show photos of famous celebrities without realizing that those people spent thousands of dollars on their hair.

So, while showing a photo to your hairstylist can give them an idea of the style you want, they are only guidelines and might not give you the precise appearance.

Never Cancel Your Appointments

Oh yeah, we all need to cancel sometimes. But unless you are contagiously sick or in an accident (not wishing for it), then make sure that you appear on your appointment. You are their customer. And the money you pay for the service they render can make their mortgage payments and expenses.

So, if you don’t appear on your appointment, they will lose a certain amount. So, please make sure to never cancel your appointment since we’re talking about someone’s livelihood.

Respect Their Prices

Stop showing frowns or asking for a discount at the prices set by your hairstylist. Just respect how they wash, color, cut or transform your hair to make you look your best. If you don’t like the price, you are free to go somewhere else.

It is like telling your hairstylist that they do not deserve that kind of price as payment for their hardwork. In addition, short hairstylists and long hairstylists have different prices, so you do not have the right to compare and judge them.

So, the next time that you ask for a price from a hairstylist and don’t like it, say thanks and just leave with respect.

Keep Your Head Still

Although a slight turn of your head here and it is natural, you need to keep your moving around at a minimum. Your hairstylist appreciates that you wish to make direct eye contact, however, he or she is holding a pair of scissors that is sharper than your kitchen knives or strategically placing your hair color for the best results, so they need you to stay still!

If you do not want to have an accidental asymmetrical cut or burning yourself with a hot tool to straighten your hair, you need to try and focus on keeping your head still.

Never Compare Your Hair To Others

10 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Know

Like I’ve said before, everyone has different hair thickness, texture, and length. With that said, hairstylists need you to understand how important it is to be comfortable in your own style. Most people spend most of their time looking for the perfect hair and compare it to theirs. Sure, you want to rock a curly, short hair like Marilyn Monroe, but you can’t simply copy it.

Not only is it an unhealthy mindset, but it also puts too much pressure on your hairstylist. Regardless of who your favorite celebrity is and how bad you want to copy their hairdo, it simply won’t happen, unless you have the same hair characteristics.

Be Open To Your Hair Stylist

Probably the best way to make the most fun out of your hair styling experience if to be open to your hairstylist and building a strong relationship with them. Your hairstylist wants to help you rock a nice hairdo, but you also need to tell them how to do that.

Never lie about your hair history. If you don’t want to relive the embarrassing time you got red highlights or snuck in an out-of-the-box dye job in between appointments, then you might be tempted to give your hairstylists a white lie. And this small lie can have some serious consequences.

When your hairstylist asks questions about your previous hair services, whether they were done at home or in a different salon, you need to be honest. Your hairstylistis asking you so that they can professionally assess that process that your hair might need to achieve your desired result.

Not being honest and open to your hairstylists can only put your hair in harm’s way. So the next time you wish to rock a new ombre color like that picture on your phone, spill everything. You will be happy that you did.

Clean Your Hair Before Going

Yes, there is no doubt that your hairstylist will wash your hair when you visit. However, it is still a good practice to clean your hair before you go. There is nothing more horrible than having to wash and style sweaty dirty and greasy hair.

Your hairstylist might not tell you how horrible it was but you can see it in their face as they touch and hold your hair.

Don’t Rush

Hairstyling is a complicated process that takes time in order to bring the best result. So, it is important that you never pressure your hairstylist to rush everything up since you have a meeting in 30 minutes.

Rushing to the salon asking your hairstylist to turn you into a blonde in just 20 minutes, is laughable. Remember that there is a set amount of time that your hair needs to undergo a certain process. So do not even ask to seep up your appointment to fit your other engagements.

IF you want, you can visit the salon as early as possible so you can enjoy the whole process without having to rush your hairstylist. Coming to the salon early also proves beneficial, in case you wish to make some changes in the middle of styling without rushing your stylist to finish within the time frame.

If you do not think that you can give at least an hour or more of your time that day, then it is much better to just reschedule instead of compromising the results.

Don’t Brush Off The Products Offered

10 Things Your Hairstylist Wants You To Know

Do not ever complain to your hairstylists about the split ends and frizz when you turn up your head at the products that they offer you. They are not car salesmen or frauds— they are not trying to con you into buying lemons.

If you want to prevent problems on your hair, then you need to use professional products that you can purchase from your hairstylists. Such products are guaranteed to be beneficial and you never have to worry about the products are not authentic or that it can give you undesirable outcomes.

Think of your hairstylists as a hair doctor. And that the products they recommend are the prescriptions to maintain your hair looking its best while at home.

Final Thoughts:

You see these are just some minor suggestions. In the end your hairstylist definitely loves you. However, as they try to make your appointment an enjoyable one, be sure to return the favour back to them.